Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BIGS Sunflower Seed's Review~Dill Pickle~

I would like to thank BIGS for letting me do this review of their product~~Dill Pickle~~sunflower seeds! I usually am not a (dill) person, but I do like to sit and munch on sunflower seed's , so I gave these a chance. Much to my surprise, I liked them. The seed's are BIG, and in my pics I used my hand to kind of give you a ideal of just how big the bag is. I have munched and crunched for 2 day's now, lol I just grabbed a strafoam cup for my spittoon and enjoyed the BIGS bag of Dill pickle sunflower seed's I was sent. I like the ideal of the re-sealable BIG BAG, makes for keeping those favorite flavor fresh till you decide to UNLEASH THE FLAVOR of BIGS SUNFLOWER SEED'S again. BIG Seed's , BIG Flavor! It’s no secret as to why everyone has enjoyed the tangy snap and crunch of a Vlasic dill pickle at some time in their life- they’re quite simply the perfect pickle. So when looking to make the best doggone dill pickle seed in the world, the BIGS™ Brother’s knew exactly where to turn. Try one and you’ll taste the essence of everything that makes a Vlasic pickle so tasty. BIGS™ Seeds: Always bigger. Always better.

I was in no other way compensated, other than a sample of the above for my HONEST review, all opinions are mine alone and may vary from other's.


  1. these are freakin delicious!

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