Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Country Bob's Review

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I want to thank Country Bob's for allowing me to try this wonderful all purpose sauce! I want to share the way I tried this in my home and with my family. This is the best tasting sauce, and goes with just about anything you would like to put it on. Also, after these pitures were taken, we found we just loved this with fries, and my son (who loves chicken nuggets) has decided this is his new dipping friend, lol. 
  I fried up some boneless pork chops, I just couldn't wait for these to get done, the aroma of these frying with this sauce was enough to starve a person to death. I noticed something while cooking these, usally when you fry something and then add a sauce, the sauce kinda like burns in the pan, leaving a black crust on the food. Country Bob's didn't! I was shocked at the easy clean up as well. This was just a awesome sauce and you will just love this on anything! Country Bob's offer's alot more on there website as well, from seasoning to sauce's! Drop by and get your's today!     Now to share my experience with you, watch this video! But be warned...It will make you hungry! 

                               All Purpose Sauce

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