Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eraselet Review

Help erase everything from crime to hunger . What a great ideal for kids in preschool to high school and even college, to wear a eraser on your wrist. That's right , Eraselet is a wearable bracelet that doubles for a handy eraser, right at your fingertip's! I gave mine to my neice, she is heading for kindergarden this year and I know the school will be asking where she got these at, and this may just introduce a fun, new fundraiser for the schools here. 
Get your's today here, and buy some for those special little one's too. Everyone will like these! And remember 10% of all sales go to erase world hunger! Now, let me  introduce you more to Eraselet....
About Us
Our story is made of much more than an Eraselet! The founder of Eraselet was a homeless youth on the streets of Nashville, TN. Through faith in God, self-motivation, and assistance by a local non-profit [Oasis Center], he overcame adversity.
Now, Mr. Ricci has not only invented the Eraselet, he has founded a non-profit to "erase" hunger on a local and international level. Eraselet has partnered with the Metro Homelessness Commission and the Oasis Center to help "erase" homelessness, as well as funded programs such as "Beautiful Feet Global Outreach," and "Lydia's Project."
Eraselet has grown in a similar fashion. It all started when Mr. Ricci's youngest daughter lost all of her erasers within the first few weeks of school. "I have one eraser left," said Mr. Ricci as he handed her his last eraser. "I'm going to tie it around your wrist so you don't lose it." Then he thought, "Why not make a bracelet that erases, an Eraselet?" He trademarked the name and filled for a utility patent shortly afterward.
Just three years later and we have sold over 2,000,000 Eraselets and counting. Our products are revolutionizing the way people erase. Eraselets are designed to be fashionable, functional, and fun! Children absolutely love them! This fall companies like Junior Achievement and Great American Opportunities are giving Eraselets to children in over 33,000 schools across the United States and Canada! Soon Eraselet will be on retail shelves across America! You can currently find Eraselets at Office Depot and LifeWay Christian stores.
It is important that our products are made in the USA! We believe in our country and are proud to call it our own. Those participating in the new American Industrial Revolution inspire us! Together we will provide jobs at a time American's need them the most.
For more information about Eraselet, please call us at 615.497.1447 or you can reach us by email at
Eraselet has helped a variety of schools, organizations, and companies raise awareness for their causes. We've erased crime, bullying, hate, animal cruelty, and much much more!
Eraselets make an excellent promotional giveaway! Promote your company by using Eraselets to gain exposure to 1000's of households!
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