Friday, July 25, 2014

Yum Earth Organics~Mom's? You have to try these!!!


I would like to thank YumEarth for allowing me to do this review, my little grand-daughter absolutely loved these, so I guess I will be making a order in near future. 
These are a healthy snack, and NO feeling guilty letting the little one's having these. I thought what a great ideal, 100% vitamin a lollipop???? Good way to get those kiddies to intake their vitamin source without the bad taste, or a big fight, lol. So...calling all mom' just have to get these for your little ray of sunshine!!!
I think these would be wonderful too if a child was sick (God forbid) to get the vitamin's in their little bodies, from lack of being able to eat or drink good while sick..but just my opinion. 

YumEarth has such a huge assortment, just go browse and find what you would like to stock up on for your child, I was looking and was totally shocked at the variety !!!

 YumEarth organic can dy is a true gourmet experience for families of all ages.

 Shop our new VEGAN YumEarth Organics Fruit Snacks to
our classic YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears with their quintessential gummy bear

bounce (thanks to the non-vegan and authentic pork

based gelatin) to the refreshing Wild Peppermint YumEarth Refresh Mints to the sweet

and sour yum of our newest YumEarth Naturals
Sour Beans, there is a lot to enjoy.  With real fruit extracts and no gluten, dairy,

nuts, soy, or artificial colors and dyes. YumEarth.  Good for
us. Good for Mother Earth.
All our snack packs contain 0.7oz per bag. Also please check out our brand new

vegan fruit snacks!

Ingredient Choices and Allergens:The Best Taste on Earth and high quality are and have 
always been Sergio's and my top goals. Please click 
here to see our 
TruNatural list of ingredients that we will 
allow and will not allow in our products.  Please click on 
the links above to see the ingredients of each item we 
make.  Regarding allergens, I will say that from the 
beginning we were surprised to discover not only how 
many people are concerned about individual 
ingredients, but how many people have allergies and 
food sensitivities.  We did not consider allergens or 
ingredients that people might be sensitive to when we 
formulated YumEarth organic candy, but we have tried to 
change our ingredients to accommodate as many as 
we can as long as it does not compromise YumEarth's 
wonderful taste, flavor and mouth feel.  It continues to be 
a truly difficult balancing act and we greatly appreciate 
your feedback!!!   In the summer of 2011 I was 
diagnosed as a Celiac and for the first time in my life I 
have an allergy.  I have always loved making YumEarth 
for people with allergies and I have always enjoyed the 
challenge of changing ingredients to suit their needs, 
but I never actually wanted to become a "person with an 
allergy"!!!  Well, I have no choice, so I now join you and 
understand your/our challenge like I never have before.  


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