Friday, July 25, 2014

Konvine Roll Up Shoe's~~READ MORE~~


I first want to thank Konvine for allowing me to do this review..and for letting me finally find my comfort shoe!

Well ladies, I have found another site and product  I am asking you to try, and go to their site and browse....
This is the pair I was sent for my honest review, and I love them! I have had so many compliment's on these, and asking how they could purchase a pair. 
It's another one of those, one of a kind to people, as they don't know about Konvine and what all they have to offer...I hope I can change this with my review and my comment's. 

I was very skeptical about how they would actually feel on...well, let me tell you...I have alot of edema in my feet and legs and cannot for the life of me find  a comfortable shoe, so when I got these I was excited to try and see how they worked out for me. WOW...I was in total shock!!! It felt like they were made for my feet and my problems!! So, if you have some kind of issue like I did, you will just love your Konvine roll up shoe's!!!
I would recommend these highly!!! Also, they have so many styles to choose from, so please ...go take a look!!!!

These are great too, they can be worn with just about anything, and would be so easy, and room saving to pack for vacation or that formal meeting, wedding or any formal get together. 

I received only the shoe's for review, my honest opinion...and all statement's and opinion's are mine alone as other's may vary. 
Thank you!


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