Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Sally Hansen Collection Review

Sally Hansen

Welcome to my Sally Hansen Collection, I received alot of products from Sally Hansen to try and share with you, get ready to be introduced to some of the best product's on the market.

You can see the effect off these polish's I plan to use these for Christmas!
One coat and it is beautiful.

Sally Hansen Salon Effect's Real Nail Polish Strip's are a blessing lady's for a quick salon finish look, very easy to apply just peel and stick and form it on ur nail's, the strip stick's to the nail and last's for week's im hooked on this, would like to have one of everyone of them. There are so many design's to choose from to go with any outfit, and any style, make's a bold statement. I have got some many compliment's, people ask where I got my nail's done and I say Sally Hansen! 

All you have to do with the Hair Remover Wax Strip is pick the size that you need, rub between your hand's to get warm apply to the area where you want to use it, pull off and it leave's your skin felling silky smooth, just as good as it would be if you had went to a salon and had it done. I couldn't never afford to go have it done, so now I can do it at home Thank's to Sally Hansen, save yourself some money lady's invest in this and treat yourself to Sally Hansen Product's.

I used this diamond flash top coat on the gem nail polish, and lady's this is the icing on the cake, what a shine, it does glitter like a diamond, everyone brags on this item. You can wear it alone for a clear shiny look or will go over any nail polish or wrap.

Everytime you shave you get irritated, I have tried several other product's with no success of getting rid of the irritation, I tried this after the wax strip's and it felt refreshing and smooth, and actually worked, so Thank's to Sally Hansen no more irritation. This is a must have in your cosmetic bag,

This product applied smoothly, it didn't leave a greasy after effect, it left a smooth and silky finish and the hair just slide right off with the hair remover applicator that is supplied with the bottle, I am hooked on all of Sally Hansen product's lady's be sure to try out all of Sally Hansen product's.

I used this product on the bikini area and I am amazed at how pain free it was, and amazed at how the hair was all gone, and pain free I was really dreading this one lady's but it really work's, another great item from Sally Hansen.


This is just another easy way for a great design that's unique for your nail's simple to use for a dramatic look. This is another must of for all you lady's that keep your nail's designed. The magnetic is supplied in the top of the lid, you get a professional look and design.


Every Sally Hansen Hair Removal product is Dermatologist Tested and Salon Tested to ensure the best results. When you are the #1 Selling Hair Removal Brand in America nothing less will do


Of course it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But the outside is almost as important, which is why we’ve created a range of pampering body care products. Sally knows all you need to be radiant from head to toe.

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