Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TriLight Health~Lympha Rub Review

Lympha Rub - Instant Sore Throat Relief, Sinus, Sore Muscles and More!

Lympha Rub is a potent essential oil combination and is one of our most versatile products. These antiseptic and antimicrobial essential oils support tissue healing while interfering with the growth of harmful micro-organisms. Traditionally used for infections including tonsillitis, strep throat, mumps, sinus infection, earache and sore muscles and much more!
I would like to thank TriLight Health for allowing me to try and review this product, I did try this on a catch in my neck, and to my surprise ...IT WORKED ! I would recommend this to anyone. 

Read the Customer Reviews below for more ideas on how to use this product.

All of our products are backed by our 100% Worry Free Guarantee

Ingredients: Combined essential oils of Lemon, Cajeput, Lavender, Clove, Myrrh and Chamomile in a base of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Product Contains NO
: alcohol, sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg or preservatives. 
Gluten Free and Vegan Formula.

Suggested Use: A few drops under the ear, rubbed onto the neck, into swollen lymphatic glands, or for older children and adults, a few drops applied inside the back of the throat (
one drop per 50 lbs. body weight, 3 drops maximum) will help with coughs.

Product Note from TriLight Health Founder and
Herbalist Lyle Bennett:

Those struggling with sinus infections or cold and flu find that Sinus Minusworks great at drying up the sinuses and helps the body recoup faster. I also have found that using Lympha Rub as "nose drops" and putting one drop in each nostril has encouraged mucus discharge and promoted healing of the sinuses. 
Sore Muscles? Especially if you are coming down with or have the Flu. Try rubbing on the aching spine and sore lymph nodes on the sides of the neckand across the top of the chest too.  

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