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ToiletTree Review

Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator with High Capacity Water Tank by ToiletTree Products

by ToiletTree Products
I would like to thank ToiletTree Products for allowing this review ! THIS IS A UPDATED REVIEW, AFTER SEVERAL DAY'S OF USE!

  I have used this about a week now, I was going to wait till about 2-3 weeks , but I better just get this on here.
  I have to say, I really like this product. It has been a joy to use, and a refreshing experience for me and my teeth and gums.
   I am a heavy coffee drinker, and have a really hard time keeping my teeth white instead of stains appearing. I also am a heavy smoker, this just adds to all the drama of WHITE TEETH, and fresh breath, the use of this irrigator has been a blessing to me and my mouth in several way's. Let me explain a little more about my experience with the irrigator from ToiletTree.
    The irrigator has different setting's to choose from, ever which is more comfortable to you, I prefer the pulse. I do use normal to flush deeper in the gum line, and to get pieces of food left behind, and for a better cleaning. The pulse kinda tickles me, lol but It gets the job done. It can pivot for the harder to get to gum lines in the back, this alway's was a task for me with normal flossing (not anymore) and I can now rid myself of 30 minute's of flossing and not even getting a thorough cleaning after all the time and effort I put into trying.
  I have noticed my gum's seem to be alot pinker, and my teeth are staying a little brighter since the use of this irrigator. I would highly recommend the use of this to anyone, but for smoker's, heavy coffee drinker's, tea drinker's and people with severe halitosis (bad breath) this is your answer. The irrigator is a more advanced way for a clean mouth,  thoroughly getting the teeth, gum's, gum line, and if you are like me.. I clean my tongue as well. I know that sound's a little gross, but seriously..everything we eat, drink or dissolve in our mouth's each day, some of that will pack on the tongue, leaving behind the bacteria and germ's for a serious case of halitosis, if not cleaned thoroughly. I found this irrigator to do a great job on that as well, getting deep in those taste bud's and flushing all that bacteria away, making for a thorough cleaning of the mouth. So, if you are having a problem with bad breath or a nasty taste in your mouth, clean that tongue and see if that help's ...I bet it does! Also, last but definitely not least, I have noticed a big difference in plaque. I actually had some to flush out during the first two use's of this irrigator. I didn't know I had this, but this just goes to show you, we never know what's hiding in those crack's and crevices between our teeth. I am grateful for this irrigator flushing and removing a not welcome quest in my mouth.
  So, all in all I love this irrigator, and will definitely keep using this product. I would actually say my teeth are at least 2 shades brighter and I definitely know I have a complete, thorough mouth cleaning daily. My teeth and gums, and my tongue(lol) want to thank TolietTree for another great product, and making my mouth fresher, cleaner and my smile better. Get one today and clean that mouth to a level way beyond brushing, flossing, and rinsing, go cleaner, fresher and brighter with this irrigator. Get one for every family member! I wish these were available when I was raising my two son's, I could have saved alot of money, lol.

I am astonished by the effects of this Oral Irrigator ! My teeth and gums felt gr8, teeth felt like I had went to the dentist and had a Professional cleaning, and guess what? I did this at home, with my new best friend!
I would highly recommend this to everyone! I love it!

Product Features

  • Recharageble cordless design powered by rechargable batteries
  • Extra large reservior is removable and easy to refill
  • Three operating modes for varying oral care needs: Normal Soft and Pulse
  • Rotating interchangeable nozzles great for mutltiple users
  • Provides and easy and effective way to suuport proper teeth and gum health at home

Product Description

Lightweight and rechargeable, the Professional Oral Irrigator by ToiletTree Products provides and easy and effective way to support proper teeth and gum health at home. Daily irrigation helps reach places brushing simply can not- promoting cleaner teeth and healthier gums. The result, an incredibly clean, fresh happy mouth. Irrigating is easier and less abrasive than string floss. This irrigator is a powerful water jet which helps remove debris deep between teeth and reduces the risk of bacteria build-up in crevices and below the gum line. Irrigating is great for hard to reach spots, especially for people with bridges and braces. The irrigator comes with 2 rotating interchangeable nozzles, great for multiple users. Three operating modes are useful for varying oral care needs: Normal, soft and pulse. Pulse mode comfortably massages the gums. The extra large reservoir is removable and easy to refill. Cordless design powered by rechargeable batteries.
we have redesigned our original oral irrigator to work out the problems. If you have one of our original oral irrigators and would like to exchange it for a brand new redesigned rechargeable irrigator at no cost, please just email us. We stand 100% behind our customers and products.

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I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.


  1. So...where is your review?

  2. Mr. or Mrs Anonymous....I will post MY review, after I have used this a little while to give my HONEST opinion on product. I take pride in my reviews, and I don't look at the product(s) sent to me for review, just as another freebie. My review and opinions will be posted shortly so please feel free to check back.

  3. Will do, thanks!

  4. Great review! I need one of these, not only do I drink coffee and diet coke but I also hate to floss.

  5. Great review. I really want to try this product


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