Saturday, December 24, 2011


First, I would like to thank Coastal Scents for allowing me to do this review of their products, and share them here with all of you. I received a full line of their products for a complete make over. I got the 88 palette  of eye shimmer shadesUltra Shimmer Palette

Then I also got the 66 palette of lip color's66 Lip Palette

Then I received the Camo Quad corrector (works wonders)
Camo Quad Color Corrector

Then I also got the foundation....
Liquid HD Foundation ST-05

Our High Definition Liquid Foundation provides medium to full coverage and is ideal for hiding skin flaws while remaining invisible whether you’re walking the red carpet or down the street. Our foundation is also non-comedogenic and works well with any skin type. The creamy, lightweight formula is easy to apply and layer to achieve the coverage you desire, leaving you with a flawless complexion.

I have taken a few photo's with all applied, and I just love this stuff! The foundation feel's so light and airy on, like you wasn't wearing any at all. Ladies? Try this won't regret it !

I was in no other way compensated from Coastal Scents, and all opinion's are that of my own. 


  1. What vibrant colors! Great for holiday celebrations.
    Awesome variety of colors to chose from.

  2. I really want to try these now :) I love make-up, I wish I could get some make-up reviews, maybe in the future. You are beautiful, btw, I love the way you did your make-up too!

  3. thanx so much Elizabeth,for the compliment and I really liked this makeup line too. You won't regret trying this, Happy New Year ! and thanx again!!!


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