Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi, Thank's for stopping by, this is my very first blog, but I could write a book about life's ups and down's. I was married at age 18, had two son's, now ages 23 and 25. I was married for 24 yrs and divorced at the age of 42. Really? Where does a middle aged woman go to start all over?? I was lost, totally throwed in the highway to get run over by the traffic, throwed under the bus!! Kicked to the curb....all those good ole saying's. I think I was more embarrassed than anything, wandering what everyone else would think about me. Well, I have survived 6 yrs now, on my own!! Yes--I am patting myself on the back!!! Girl, I have been through it all, and still finding more, lol. So if you are reading this and you can relate ? I pat YOU on the back for being a strong woman!!!
     Cheating and lying were straight out of the gate in my marriage, I knew in my heart all along it was, I was just somewhere off in denial- and let me tell you, I was the Queen of Denial. If something just tells you and you cannot shake it, a gut feeling? It's real, it's not just in your head, it's in your gut. Kinda makes me think about a saying I have heard way too many times, lol.....If it walk's like a duck, and it quack's like a duck, it's usally a DUCK!!!! I thought I had to stay in this mess, miserable and raise my 2 son's, and the 3 I adopted from my X's previous marriage, I did them all wrong and myself. My 2 son's will tell me to this day, Mom?? Why did you stay?? Why didn't you just go  on and have a life? You know, I so wish we had a remote for life....I would rewind a few years and do thing's the rite way, but listen up ladies--there is NO do over's!! We just have to pick ourselves up by the seat of our pant's, give ourselves a swift kick in the rear, put yet again, a fake smile on, and meet the world head on! We get in rut's, where we hate the world, hate ourselves, hate everything!! STOP IT!! stop now while you can, take the wheel in your life, and get back on the highway!! If I can? All of you reading this can! I am going to shut up now, lol and get this posted. check back for the next chapter of a woman scorned and bitter, lol. 

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  1. What an awesome first blog post! Way to go girl, more of us should stand up and be strong like you!

    Can't wait to read the next chapter, lol.

    Congrats on your first blog!


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