Friday, September 8, 2017

Heat Holders~Winter is on it's way!

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I want to thank Heat Holders for letting me do a review on a couple of their product's. 

Winter is coming soon, and that cold snippy chill is in the air with Fall rite now. I am always on the couch, watching TV, with my fuzzy socks and a soft snuggling blanket. Aren't we all???

I was excited to see how Heat Holders differ from regular blankets and socks. When I received a pair of their pink fuzzy socks with heart anti slip on bottom, I was so amazed at the feel. I could tell , just by the feel they would definitely hold heat better than the fuzzy socks I usually wear.  They had a silky, luxurious, pampering feel. I have Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and Neuropathy pain in my feet, the socks just eased my feet so much, felt liked I had been to a spa and been pampered with a pedi-care treatment!
I just love these socks, and would recommend these to anyone with Neuropathy pain or just tired feet. 
AMAZING!!! Awesome fit, no binding, so comfy!!!


Then I was sent one of their blankets for a review! I can not even begin to express the softness of this throw blanket. It is thin, BUT yet it almost feels like it has a little more weight to it than it should. I felt like it just weighted down around my body for that "JUST RITE, COMFORTING FEELING" , it was like, yet again, being pampered. I felt like the blanket knew where to lay a little heavier or lighter. It is amazing, everyone needs a few of these...Home, Office, School, Car, and Home!You won't regret this product, you will be Hooked and want more. 
They come in different colors, and Heat Holders offer a wide array of products for your consideration. Jump on over to Heat Holders and try out some of their items. 

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  1. Great review, these are some amazing blankets and I love the socks!


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