Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Vanish Vapor Review~~It's a must try product~~

I first want to thank Vanish Vapor for allowing me to share this with all my follower's!

How many times have we all said "I'm going to quit smoking"..."this is the time"...well most of us fail and give in and grab those smokes rite back up, true? In my case it is! I know most of you can relate too. 
I have been using this e-cigarette and I am not going to say I have "quit"...but I have cut down immensely with Vanish Vapor. I find myself wanting my e-cig before I will get one of my smoke's, I just can't wait to taste the flavor's I was sent also.. I was sent the hardware (E-cigarette) and some sample flavor's, I cannot express enough how the flavor's are what you taste when you use them. Some flavor's sold on the market anymore just isn't what your taste bud's expect when you try them...
Not the case with Vanish Vapor's assortment ! They are all made in the USA and taste exactly like what they say!!

Tropical smoothie is just awesome!!! This one is just a "MUST TRY"!!!! It is just a yummy paradise explosion taste!!

I asked for a sample of their menthol, ok...I do not smoke menthol cigarette's, but I found that a medium strength will help my sinus's , yes....if you have headache's, can't smell, stay stuffed up and have bad sinus's, try it! Just a few draw's of Vanish Vapor's Menthol E-liquid has taken away my headache's and stuffiness, this is just MY own opinion...but I have found it works great for me! 

A few other thing's I like about Vanish Vapor E-cigarette is ...you can turn your battery on and off as needed, to save the life of the charge on battery. I just hit the button 5 times real fast, and wah-lah..it's off to save my smoking time...and when I want it back on I just repeat the 5 fast hit's to the button and I am ready to go again. Great for when you are out and away from charger. Plug's rite into my PC with USB charger, so I charge while I am on computer, lol..but wall charger's are available as well.  
In my opinion, with Vanish Vapor E-cigarette ...you get a full smooth draw of your vapor flavor, not just a little and no taste or vapor to satisfy your craving!
  • Clearomizers need to be changed every so often.  Depending on your usage, every couple days or couple weeks.
  • Some clearomizers or tanks have replaceable atomizers that can be replaced.   The Atomizers or heating elements will burn out over time.  This causes your vape to taste metallic.
  • Clean your equipment.  This is very important.  E-juice tends to accumulate on the batteries and it’s vital to the performance of your battery that it is kept clean.  Use a q-tip to perform this task.
  • Keep batteries charged.  It’s a good idea to own a couple different batteries.  Most vapers will have one charging while using another.
  • Battery life varies, mine has been lasting me all day, and that's me using it quiet alot, lol

So, try your's today with $2.00 flat shipping cost!!!
I highly recommend Vanish Vapor and their product's! 
Thank's Vanish Vapor...for my new friend!!!!

I was only provided product's for my honest review, all statement's and opinon's are mine alone as other's may vary, Thank you. 


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