Saturday, July 26, 2014

~~Everything Doormats~~~ ladies? this is another "MUST HAVE"

 I would first like

 to thank Everything Doormats for allowing

 me to do this review, helping me with my

 pain standing doing dishes, I had just

 gave up on anything just helping a little,

 but now I have my Rooster cushion mat, and

 I did "Put him Under My Feet"! That's where

 he is staying, he has a new home ! Read on

 to read my story and EverythingDoormats!!! 


 This Country Rooster Cushion Comfort Mat that I was sent for my review,  it  is a vinyl foamed backed, anti fatigue mat designed specifically for your home. Decorated with a beautifully depicted rooster this cushioned mat will make a great addition to any kitchen. With its Anti-Fatigue foam cushioning you will be able to spend a lot more on your feet without the stress that comes from standing on hard floors. 

I have fibromyalgia and this has been a life saver for me, I can do my dishes without taking so many breaks and usually ended up not getting them done. The cushion mat just seem's to absorb the pain...I would recommend this, or any of Everything Doormat's cushion mat's. I also like the way it is easily cleaned. 

This Country Rooster Cushion Mat provides enough cushion to make a real difference vs. standing directly on the floor, but it also feels stable while you're standing on it. With the vinyl and foam combination you should not feel as if your sinking into the cushion or off-balance, but our feet will be able to tell the difference at the end of the day.

This Country Rooster Mat offers a 3/8" thick vinyl foam structure to provide support that reduces fatigue and discomfort. In addition the Country Rooster Cushion Mat is made with a vinyl and so will be stain resistant to most anything that is spilled on it making it a great mat for use in kitchens.

The vinyl is also fade resistant 4 color print and clean up is easy! Just shake off and wipe it down, then let the top air dry. This makes cleaning up spills and drops easy, as liquids do not soak into the mat.

This cushioned mat is 18" x 30" x 3/8" thick, perfect to fit where ever you need it and small enough to move when you want to.

I would also highly recommend this for diabetic's, in my own opinion..I think it would be your new best friend with the nerve ending pain that comes with the diabetes, try your's....get it HERE TODAY!  Don't forget to "LIKE" Everything Doormats on Facebook...I just love their moto "Put Us Under Your Feet" !!! Also keep up on sale's and deal's with them on  "Twitter"  and "Pinterest" or just tell them what you thought about your cushion mat as well. Everything doormat's offer a wide variety of different mat's, just about anything you would want....

Everything Door Mats is your online source for indoor & outdoor entrance welcome mats, seasonal & holiday door mats, kitchen floor mats, business entry mats and industrial runner mats. Make a stellar first impression on everyone who visits with personalized logo mats, sports team mats, rugs & carpet tiles. We strive to bring you the highest quality products at the best prices so that you can shop with confidence!

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At N&W Sales, customer satisfaction is our top

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Everything Door Mats is your online source for

 indoor & outdoor entrance welcome mats,

 seasonal & holiday door mats, kitchen floor mats,

 business entry mats and industrial runner mats.

 Make a stellar first impression on everyone who

 visits with personalized logo mats, sports team

 mats, rugs & carpet tiles. We strive to bring you

 the highest quality products at the best prices so

 that you can shop with confidence!






  1. I could really use one of these for my kitchen! I like their sports themed mats too. My hubby could use one of those for his office!

  2. Nice look for the kitchen. Thanks for sharing.


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