Monday, August 13, 2012

Mineral Hygienics Review

I want to thank Mineral Hygienics for letting me gain this opportunity to review their product's! I was sent a sample package that included 2 shades of foundationa few complimentary items including, Finishing Powder, a Mineral Enhancer, and a Kabuki brush!

I have what they call combination skin, oily around the nose area, dry on the rest. I also have a redness to my cheeks. I have tried everything to cover this, and it would either cake up and roll off, or the redness would just show through the product. I have fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth, I know I am getting old, lol. Anyway...back to this review! I hate the way liquid foundations feels on, It feels heavy and greasy to me, I always feel like it would slide rite off it I got hit in the back of the head, lol. It tended to clog my pores, causing other issues with my skin, so I just quit wearing anything and for me thats not good with this redness I have. I am going to show this picture of me with NOTHING on, so you can see the huge difference........
me at a friends house, NO makeup!

Now, I am going to show you a couple of me with Mineral Hygienics applied and look at the huge difference! First, let me tell you what I like about Mineral Hygienics..I applied it and it has a satin, smooth feeling on. No heavy, greasy or caked up feeling, no makeup filled lines on my face, and no clogging my pores, making my face breakout. It left me feeling refreshed, confident in my look, and lasted all day! No coming off on your clothes! I hate that, don't you? The kabuki brush just seemed like it knew every area and how to apply the makeup its self, and was so easy to use. The finishing powder is just the icing on the cake, locks in the look! Feels awesome going on. Now, to share the AFTER picture...


I would HIGHLY recommend this to all you ladies out there, you will not regret this one. It does just exactly what they say it does, and more!
Visit Mineral Hygienics today....HERE!

A little from Mineral Hygienics....

About Mineral Hygienics Mineral Makeup

Our mission at Mineral Hygienics is to be the premier cosmetic manufacturer focusing on using natural products to promote health. We use natural ingredients to develop superior cosmetics that meet and exceed customer expectations we will not compromise on quality. In order to accomplish this objective, Mineral Hygienics strives to build lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.
Superior Cosmetics: Superior Cosmetics is why we are in business. When Mineral Hygienics develops a product, there is both reason and logic in its formula. Every product has a purpose, and the reason for conception is to be better than the competition. It is not our plan to release thousands of sub-par products, and saturate the market. Before our customers even use a product, we want them to feel comfort knowing that it was developed with care and reason, and after they use the product we want them to be so excited that they feel the need to share the excitement with others around them.
Lasting Relationships: We build lasting relationships on a solid foundation of ethics and good business practices. We want our relationships to grow strong. To achieve this we are personable, competent, moral, and flexible. We provide the personal touch…Come feel it.
Also, It comes with step by step application help, it's like having your very own makeup artist right there with you!!!! 

I was in no other way compensated , other than a sample for my HONEST review, and all opinions are mine alone and may vary from those of other's.

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  1. I like all the instructions that comes with it. I love these products.


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