Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vizardz Review and Giveaway!

Personalized 2.5D Night Light
Vizardz Night LightPersonalized 2.5D Picture Lamps
I just love this ideal, it is amazing to see this done! I just sent a picture of ME to Vizardz, and poof! I get this beautiful lamp! I think they even made ME look better, lol . I was just blown away, with how they do this. It is a beautiful ideal  for gift's, and especially for those hard to shop for people on your list. Get this and many other style's Vizardz offer,  for birthday's, Mother's day, Father's day, wedding's? Oh wow! What a way to keep that day a highlight!  Get it for those grandchildren, and give to Grandma, and Grand paw! I even thought about those Army Daddies, that are far away from their child....Keep daddy close, and have one made for that special little one, and use it as a night light in their room, keeping daddy there to look over them at all times  WOW! I know that would be awesome! These are just a great way to preserve all those precious memories in life, and keep all our loved ones really close. I would show you a picture of mine, but I can't , I unfortunately had a home loss, and mine was in it, but , I can show you the picture it was made from.... Trust me , it was totally awesome! I loved it! And amazed at the detail and how it illuminated when lite up. I highly would recommend Vizardz to everyone, and Vizardz has allowed me to offer you, my viewer's a chance to win your's here! I am excited to see WHO wins this and if they would share with me, what their's looks like, I would love to see it! But right now, let me introduce you to Vizardz just a little better, and be sure to enter my giveaway at the end of this review! It's not a mandatory thing that you show me what yours looks like when you win, just a option. 

We use any of your photos to craft the 2.5D pictures that are then assembled into nightlights, ornaments or light boxes. These unique personal pieces of art are the perfect, most memorable and sentimental gifts you can share with your loved ones.

What is 2.5D Picture?

2.5D pictures combine a three-dimensional topography with your two-dimensional digital photographs and images. This combination adds depth, texture, and contrast to breathe life into your ordinary photos. When light is applied to a Vizardz 2.5D picture, the stunning beauty of our technique is demonstrated, rendering the image in 3D. These 2.5D pictures are available as Night Lights, Ornaments, and Light Boxes. With so many ways to see your photos come to life, why not hold your memories today?

Do you have those favorite memories you would love to hold on to? Family, children, pets, sports or other special pictures that you just love to show off? 2.5D Night Light is the perfect way to display those pictures in a truly unique way. Using the most advance 3D technology, we transform ordinary photographs into stylish pieces of art that comes alive when lit while looking equally stunning when turned off!

Holiday's are just around the corner, and look what Vizardz can do! WOW ! is all I can say. 

Vizardz OrnamentsYour own customized 2.5D Ornament illuminated from inside to bring vibrancy to the holidays. It can also serve as a unique home or office design accessory. Using the most advance 3D technology, we transform ordinary photographs into stylish pieces of art that comes alive when lit while looking equally stunning when turned off!  Visit us 
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I was in no other way compensated, other than a sample of the product above for my HONEST review, and all opinions are mine alone and may differ from other's.
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