Monday, July 23, 2012

Striped Shirt Review~Come check this out~

I would like to thank for allowing me to try one of their shirts and letting me do this review!
I was in no other way compensated, other than a sample for my HONEST review, All opinions are of mine alone and may vary from others.
Now to introduce you to the company............

About Us was born of a midlife crisis, and after years of complaining. 
After nearly 20 years of agency PR life, Laura Beck decided to go the path of so many companies she advised and worked with over the years, take the leap and become an entrepreneur. This to bring a solution to a problem she’d complained about for at least 12 years (and subconsciously known about her entire girl-sports-fan life): there just aren’t cute, stylish, fitted options for girls to support their teams!
Once she became a Mom – of two spitfire little girls – the problem only grew:  Baby and kid fan-wear was also built for adult men!
And so, taking the plunge and leaving a happy successful career path, in March 2010, on the brink of turning 39, Laura started

The mission: Simply to let women, kids, babies support their teams and (literally) show their colors.
The answer:,  fashionable, fun fan-wear built just for you.
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 HERE they offer many colors, and one for every
family member! 


At, we believe women, kids and babies should be able to support their teams, schools, organizations, causes, holidays and (literally) show their colors, without looking like “facepainters.”

Introducing the stripedshirt: fun, fashionable fan-wear built just for you with two color combination stripes to match your team.
I love mine, and it is of gr8 quality, I would recommend these to the entire family!!!

Fits all occasions for everyday!!

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