Saturday, July 21, 2012

**PhotoTrax** Review

 I would like to thank PhotoTrax for letting me do this review of their product! This is such a super ideal, and would make a wonderful present for anyone or any occasion! Ladies? If you are already working on those Christmas lists, well here is something everyone would just love, and would actually be used, not thrown in storage. I absolutely love mine and now I want some more! lol......Now let me introduce you a little more to PhotoTrax

For larger photos, bend the trax on the pre-scored line found on the middle of the trax. Bend it back and forth until it splits in two pieces. Mount the bottom trax first with the removable adhesive, and insert the same size photos on the bottom of the groove of the mounted trax. When photos are lined up, simply place the top trax (with adhesive on it) so the photos fit into the top groove and then press against the wall. You will still be able to move the photos around in the trax and change and replace them with new ones.

I was in no other way compensated, other than a sample for my HONEST review, and all opinions are mine alone.

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