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netTalk Duo WIFI Review and Giveaway !

I want to Thank netTALK for allowing me to review this phone and service. I was a little nervous about getting this, thinking I couldn't set it up..I was totally wrong! It was a breeze, took less than 10 minutes! I was amazed ! So if I can do this, ANYONE can. They offer online phone tech support as well, if needed...I don't think you would have to use it, netTALK has taken all the complications out for you,and freed us all from so much.. including NO MORE PHONE COMPANIES and their high bills each month, HIGH COST BINDING CONTRACTS and their cost AND "NO CORD'S or WIRES!  
  I am always on the phone, it should be attached to my head, lol,  I am always using 411, that alone kills me on my phone bill, but guess what? IT'S FREE with netTALK! I love it! Also, another feature I love is the FREE FAX, that's always handy to know you have access to fax from home. I have family out of state..which means high long distant calls monthly, NO MORE with netTALK! I can talk all I want to now, use 411 information,and fax, from wherever I want to, when I want to.I get very clear reception, no dropped calls, no static or annoying funky sounds, for the price of $64.95 and comes with a year of service,$29.95 each additional YEAR? can they do this?   
  This is not just a little amount of money we are talking about saving. I can save $300.00 easy a month with netTALK and spend that on something else for myself :)OR pay that utility bill, car payment, water bill, or spend money I didn't have extra on my son's, with the way the economy is this day and time this means ALOT! Extra groceries for the month! More gas! netTALK actually puts money in your pocket. So, get netTALK and save a bundle and go buy that new coffeemaker you were wanting, that new outfit, new shoes, new designer purse and not feel guilty like I usally do when I spend money and know it's going to hurt me paying my bill's that month.
  I put netTALK to a little test as well, I was thinking ..yeah right it won't work anywhere else, except where I set it up at. I was TOTALLY wrong again! I took my little pocket size unit to my mother's, plugged in her PC and boom! I was on it chatting away! Totally shocked again, but amazed at the same time.
 This is totally a big advancement in technology, and makes US consumer's save money and have the access we need to communication's with our loved ones and business as well, whichever be your need, you can call from anywhere in the world with your netTALK.
 I would highly recommend netTALK Duo WIFI to everyone! I think this is an awesome product and the ones that do get this unit will be totally satisfied and be spending some extra $$$dough$$$ 
 Use netTALK as your primary phone, a second phone for just your business or pleasure, take it with you on trip's,could be great for that college student as well. It's just an all around GREAT product!  netTALK is available  at all Target stores and other leading retailer's.
 I would like to introduce you to netTALK a little better now, so   here you go , and if you do buy this? Come back and let me know and give me your opinions.netTALK has also offered a FREE unit to one of my lucky readers, so be sure to enter at the end of this press release from netTALK...

 netTALK Launches World’s First Low-Cost Wireless VoIP Telephone Device

netTALK Develops yet Another Way for Consumers to Save Hundreds of Dollars off their Phone Bill by Launching Wi-Fi VoIP Telephone Device and Digital Phone Service in Major Retailers and Online

Miami, FL – –, Inc. ("netTALK"; OTCBB: NTLK), a telecommunications, consumer electronics and cloud technology company, announces that the  netTALK DUO WiFi, the world’s first wireless VoIP telephone device, is now available online at and at major retail stores in the United States. 
“With the launch of netTALK DUO WiFi we are continuing to be the first-to-market technology innovation leader, as compared to the competition,” said Anastasios ‘Takis Kyriakides, President and CEO. “The netTALK DUO WiFi offers the same award-winning, money-saving features, international call plans, number porting, and superior, personal customer service as the original netTALK DUO and that other companies in the space can’t keep up with.  In addition, the netTALK DUO WiFi brings communication freedom to a whole new level, as it can easily be set up anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection. It brings ‘cord-cutting’ to a whole new level!”
netTALK has been the dominant leader in the VoIP telecommunications industry over the last few years with:
·        The netTALK DUO, the world’s first voice-over-IP (VoIP) device and digital phone service that didn’t require a computer to make or receive calls. 
·        The lowest cost, flat-rate international call plans in the industry.
·        Live customer service and technical support.
·        Nationwide number porting
·        Free 411 Directory Assistance (U.S. only).
·        Fax-friendly service.
According to a recent study by Strategic Analytics, 25 percent of all households worldwide utilize Wi-Fi to connect to the internet – that’s over 493 million households. The report forecasts that this number will grow to approximately 800 million households, or a penetration rate of 42 percent, by 2016.

Mr. Kyriakides concluded, “At netTALK, we are relentlessly focused on serving the demands of our customers by providing convenience, value, and exceptional service.  Saving hundreds of dollars on your home phone bill is easier than ever before now that customers can connect via wireless; which means customers can use their phone anywhere in the world, or place their phone anywhere in their house where there is access to Wi-Fi. Whether for a main line, a second line, a fax line, or just a line to use on trips, the netTALK DUO WiFi enables an unprecedented degree of communication freedom. That is truly something to TALK about!”

Now, with the launch of netTALK DUO WiFi in major retail stores nationwide, everyone is freed from the phone company and from being tied down with cables.  With a suggested retail price of only $64.95, which includes one year of service, setup of the netTALK DUO WiFi takes just a few minutes and works anywhere in the world with internet connection.

The netTALK DUO WiFi is now available in major retail stores across the country and online at netTALK.comThe netTALK DUO WiFi will be available in Canada starting in May at a suggested retail price of $74.95.
About the netTALK DUO and the netTALK DUO WiFi
Winner of and Laptop Editors’ Choice awards, and officially designated “Business-Ready” by PCWorld, the netTALK DUO is a revolutionary VoIP telephone device and digital phone service. The tinynetTALK DUO enables free nationwide calls to any phone in Canada and the U.S. from anywhere in the world, as well as low-cost, flat-rate international calling plans and a variety of other features, detailed No computer is necessary to make calls using the netTALK DUO, as it simply plugs directly into a modem (or computer).  The netTALK DUO WiFi is the next step in the evolution of the netTALK DUO, by operating from any WiFi connection.
netTALK offers the following calling plans for the netTALK DUO and netTALK DUO WiFi (prices do not include tax):
Basic Call Plan: Free calling to U.S. and Canada; one full year included FREE with netTALK DUO and just $29.95 for each additional year (plus taxes)
North America Add-On: Unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico as low as $5.80 per month  (plus taxes)
International Add-OnCalling to 60+ countries, including China, India, Brazil, UK, France, and more for as low as $10 per month (plus taxes)
The netTALK DUO is available in the U.S. via netTALK’s website; at over 1,000 Walmart Supercenters nationwide, and at a variety of other national retailers across the U.S. and Canada.
The netTALK DUO WiFi is now available in major retail stores across the country and online at netTALK.comThe netTALK DUO WiFi will be available in Canada starting in May at a suggested retail price of $74.95.
About, Inc., Inc. is a public company engaged in the design, distribution and sale of consumer electronics products and low-cost Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.
Follow us on Twitter@nettalk; like us (and talk to us!) on
More information is at
Forward-Looking Statements
This news release may contain forward-looking statements made pursuant to the "safe harbor" provisions of the private securities litigation reform act of 1995. While these statements are meant to convey to the public the company's progress, business opportunities and growth prospects, readers are cautioned that such forward-looking statements represent management's opinion. While management believes such representation to be true and accurate based on the information available to the company, actual results may differ materially from those described. The company's operations and business prospects are always subject to risks and uncertainties.
Nelson Hudes
Hudes Communications International
US: 305-587-2491
CA: 647-847-1435
 I was in no other way compensated, other than a unit for my HONEST review, and all opinions are mine alone and may differ from others. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I'd love to win this for my daughter!

  2. I have been looking at getting this product and would love to try it!!

  3. I've been reading and hearing a lot about netTALK DUO and most of it are positive raves about the product. Honestly, I'm using a competitor at the moment (sent to me by a cousin, so technically I don't have a choice :D) but I'm hoping to win this giveaway just to see which one is the better product :)

  4. I have used the product for a year and would NOT recommend it. It's not reliable for home or business. The line constantly drops, no dial tones, cannot dial 1-800 numbers. This is normal scenario, dial a number, line drops, wait, reset Duo, wait and no dial tone. Wait another 15 min, do dial tone. 4 hours no dial tone!

    I have called Tech Support, the lousiest tech support, based in U.S. Get ready to wait 45 minutes to 1 hour for response. By Email, takes 4 days response and emails stop.

    NetTalk Duo is going down my garbage chute as I would not sell it to some poor sucker!

    Too bad I can't file class action lawsuit for selling a defective product! Any pro bono lawyers out there! Product like this should never reach the market.

    Wasted $80!


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