Friday, November 11, 2011


Hello to everyone reading my blog post's, I wanted to share a little story with you today,  just another piece of drama I have had in my life.....TRUE STORY!
Well u all know, I had a bad marriage, so here is a cake topper for you, lol. I was like 23, my 2 sons were babies, I was the one that made all the ends meet, and provided all the stuff u cant live without, lol like food, electric, water, diapers, rent money, etc...well, at this time, I was letting my so called best friend stay with us, well, while I was out working and doing all the wifely duties, she was home with my kids and HUSBAND, so I guess she thought just taking care of my kids wasn't enough, she also took care of my hubby as well, yep.....slid rite in there and under my nose, I was being made a fool of yet again. C'mon now ladies, u know she felt obligated, lol I did keep her up as well....OMG!!!
Anyway.....cant trust even a good friend , but it takes 2 to tango. Just thought I would share that lil story today, I said I was telling it like it is and was, and st8 there u go girls!!! Oh, keep coming back, I have a ton, lol. 


  1. I do understand how this can happen, yet never the less there is still NO excuse for those who have given vows to leave all others plus he should have been out there working and supporting the family. I guess the bottom line here is tell your best friend to find another bed to lay on. I am glad you were able to keep your children and pick up your life. (somewhat anyway) Never easy.

  2. That really stinks! Sorry to hear about that. I had a best friend who betrayed me too. She also happens to be an ex, but we got along so well we stayed friends until her new gf decided she hated me. My bff promised me she would never let her gf, this one, or any one for that matter, get in the way of our friendship. Well, she lied. It went fine for about 6 months into her new relationship. We still did couple stuff together, whoever I was going out with at the time, we would go over there for Sunday Bears games and go to events in the group we all belong to together. I even had lunch occasionally with my bff since I got a job close to her home and work. Then the one time she didn't tell her gf we went out to lunch (with my bff's sister along), all hell broke lose. My bff's sister spilled the beans about the lunch and then we couldn't hang out together at all anymore. Not even the couple stuff. I mean, her sister was with us on the lunch, nothing untoward could have happened with her there (even though I would never do anything if no one else was along, I respect my bff too much to do that. Not only that, if I wanted my bff back as my gf, I would have done something about that right after the break-up. I never did, because that relationship ran it's course. We both learned a lot of things, grew as people and it was time to move on. We met for a reason, to get through that part of our lives. I still have a hard time having no contact with her. She really was an awesome friend and I can't believe she never stood up for herself and told her gf that her friends are her friends and she needed to get over herself. Oh well, live and learn. I miss having a bff. I have other friends, but just not that kind of deep friendship where you can talk about anything and not be judged, or be silly and talk about nothing. My bff was an intellectual person like I am, and it's hard to find people like that. The loss of that friendship still makes me sad.


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