Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sometimes I think back on my life and it reminds me of living without boundaries. I am still trying to  established where I ended and where another person began, I cannot separate my pain from someone else's pain. Kinda like I was stuck in an invisible barbed-wire fence. When a  part of the fence was moved to free me, I was hurt. And no matter which way I turned, I got cut. 
Life is so cruel and cold, I get on my own nerves sometimes jut talking about how life has done me, the card's I was dealt, and I seem to never have anything positive to say, although there has been good along with the bad, we just seem to forget the good and remember the bad. I guess the bad just stands out more. We need to remember our blessing's along life's highway, even the smallest thing's can be a mighty blessing to us, and bring a smile, we just have to not overlook or forget it. 

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