Saturday, November 5, 2011

 Hello ladies! I was burned out 3 times in last 4 yrs. I have came across a camper I am trying to make home, lol I call it my IGLOO! 
It's my igloo of love! Cold, needs work, and alot of attention, make u think of anything??? That's rite, ladies.....A MAN!!!! LOL Just thought I would share that with everyone. I so get tickled at myself in life lately. 


  1. That is exactly like Men, lol :) Sad but, true:(

  2. Hellen, I'm a new follower from Hoppin Weekend.
    I read most of your posts, and I would like to praise you for being such a strong woman.
    I can relate to your story in some level. I don't have many years of a failed marriage yet, but I feel like if I stay in this right now.. we will get there..
    I will keep reading your posts, thanks for sharing your story!
    Hang in there!
    ohh.. feel free to stop by my blog


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