Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We will call this my son's AUTO BIO.....
He was born July 14ht 1988, he was born premature, one lung not developed, legally blind, his eye muscle's did not develope. He was such a good baby, he didn't cry, so easy to take care of. He grew up a happy child, playing as he got older with car's , truck's, loved motorcycle's ...that was his passion, anything with a motor, lol. He is 23 now, at age home one night late, just after the new year, he had been real sick, I thought it was the flu..well, it wasn't. He collasped on me, flat lined...yes! DIED! They shocked him back twice, with only one more chance left, he came to. THANK GOD! Well, he was shipped straight out to the biggest hospital...he had hepititis C, yes from drug use, and tatoo's. He was a IV drug user without my knowledge, and I was around him daily!!!!! How could I be so blind??? Why couldn't I have protected him from this???  This is how easy thing's can pass rite by you, never take thing's lightly! Pay attention! Look! Ask! Anything to find out, you don't want to do like I did and stand over your child, DEAD! Sick and not knowing what is going to happen, I was dying rite there with him!!!! Well, God walked in my son's room, he came home, and is now off the drug's, THANK GOD!!! And is trying to put his life back togather , he and I have had a long road with this, he still has to deal with the sickness, but he is still alive, and  I feel he can maybe talk to other drug users his age and save a life, with his story, his road he traveled and his near death experience, his times he laid and was so sick from not having these drug's. He was a slave to them as many are, and it's killing our kid's. Now he is all tatted up, and has a hard time with even getting a job, he realizes now that if you have that rough look, you get a rough opinion from the world! 
So, this is just a more inside look to what I have been through, and I pray this post reaches just ONE of the young people out there and help's them. 

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