Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beauty and Body products from ~EDEN FANTASYS~

I have the opportunity to look over this great website called eden fantasy's located on the web here I always thought this was just a ADULT site, well...not the case. They offer alot of beauty and body products as well as ADULT items. I have a thing for lotion's and oils and I have looked at several they carry here, and ladies? this is stuff you cant run out to local store and buy and a better quality, and I seen the bottles were larger as well. They even have candles, body wash, body foam, bath salt's, bathing gel, bath milk's WOW! I could keep naming thing's, but why don't you just go and head on over to Eden Fantasy's and check all their product lines out for yourself?? Pamper yourself, or of course make it a very extra special night for that hard working hubby. I just wanted to share with you all the great stuff offered at Eden fantasys, and to point out, that they carried more than adult item's. You will be surprised! "Mineral beauty bronzer" Evolution of Smooth

Edenfantasys carries many different lines of product's from even face makeup and lip makeup, fragrances as well, chocolate, vanilla, mistletoe berry and more! They even have costumes for Halloween or adult of course,  they have SKINCARE , from lip balm to plumping lip balm, faial cleanser's, sugar scrubs and much more!  I was unaware of this and I hope this enlighten's you and influences you to drop by and check them out!
                                   Feel free to tell all your friend's and spread the word. 

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